Each of you will be required to do one presentation. These presentations can be about one of two things:

  1. they can contextualize a poetic movement we are discussing and introduce us to those poets affiliated with that movement that are not included on the syllabus
  2. introduce us to a poetic movement contemporary to the one we are discussing but that is not represented on the syllabus. For example, you might speak a bit more about Beat poetics when we focus on Ginsberg’s Howl, or, alternatively, you might present on GURLESQUE poetry and poetics when we focus on feminist poetries.

I am more than willing to be a resource and sounding board as you begin think about what you want to present. A good place to start your research is links page, where you can find a variety of databases, journals, and other poetry resources.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll want to explain the poetics—the values, aesthetics, actions and reactions—and present a poet or two who exemplifies it. You should conclude your presentation with three questions for the class to discuss. These presentations should be about ten minutes.

You can use a variety of mediums to present your work. Powerpoints are fine, but you can also use Prezi. You might just want to use handouts as your visual aid. However you do it, you are encouraged to embed your presentation, or its materials, on the class Presentation Archive page.

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