Final Paper

This is your capstone piece of literary analysis. There are a few ways you can approach this paper.

  1. You can focus on a particular poetic movement, contextualize its emergence and make some kind of argument regarding its history, socio-political commentary, or its lasting influence. For this approach, you would cite several poets, those we have discussed in class as well as those you have found on your own.
  2. You can focus on a poet and make an argument that would further contextualize her or him within a poetic movement we’ve discussed.
  3. Or you might take a more interesting route, and resituate a poet, arguing that a poet is not really part of X movement but really more like those poets in Y movement.
  4. Or you might have an idea of your own about poetry and poetics you’ve been thinking about this semester. Discuss the idea by me, and so long as I approve, you can do what just about anything.

Because this your final paper, I expect a thesis-driven argument that shows careful research and logically sound and rhetorically effective use of sources.

Aim to impress me.

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